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Carnegie Mellon University developed an email client to interface with the Andrew Messaging System (AMS). They have phased out the project, but a few people liked the email client so much that they have helped port an early version of the client, now named ezimail, to the IMAP protocol.

Unfortunately, the first release of ezmail (instead of ezmail-2) was the base for the project. As a result, several features that were useful in ezmail-2 had to be re-written for ezimail. As they were phasing out the client in December, 2001, I started fixing a personal copy of the program (which was so hopelessly broken that it segfaulted if you tried to send an email).

The ezimail project at sourceforge appears to be mostly dead, although tmartin+ answers email inquiries about it. I am maintaining a fairly recent snapshot of my personal source tree below, with some notes as to the bugfixes.

With fairly minimal changes to the #include's in and_scr.c, it is possible to build this program under Cygwin on Windows. The patch requires removing some of the signal handling/blocking code that isn't supported under Win32. It is also known to work on Linux for x86 and Solaris for SPARC. Attempts to port to Irix have been less successful.

6/12/2005 ezimail-061205.tar.gz
  • Fixed mime handling to read google gmail email right

6/5/2004 ezimail-060504.tar.gz
  • Added an attachment list dialog box (Control+T), hit A to add, D to delete files. No longer blindly attaching!
  • Sent mail is now guaranteed to be saved on the first IMAP server, instead of the last touched one.
  • Browsing between MIME attachments is now saner, all attachments can be reached linearly, although the same is not guaranteed when going backwards.
  • Found an off-by-one bug in the authentication code that only allowed the first authentication method to be tested.
  • Fixed a display bug where multipart/alternative messages would not have the first part displayed
  • Delete bboard confirmation now displays the bboard name, as well
  • Fixed the annoying anonymous authentication method again.

1/19/2003 ezimail-011903.tar.gz
  • Final fixes for draft revive. No more crashes
  • Much improved handling of MIME handling!
  • Attachments now autodetect their filenames and current MIME parts (if possible) when saving
  • Only text MIME types are displayed. Any other MIME non-displayable type receives an informative warning message about the contents.
  • Multipart MIME messages are now automatically navigatable with the . and , keys, up to a depth of 8 nested parts
  • Inline MIME attachments are now recognized
  • Restored ezmail-2 behavor for BOL/EOL keys (go to soft newline, not hard)
  • Added automatic configure script support for detecting SASL2, and quietly falling back to SASL1 if SASL2 is not available

1/11/2003 ezimail-011103.tar.gz
  • Added SASL2 support
  • Fixed SMTP AUTH code
  • Added better browsing/viewing of MIME parts (with , and .) and automatic MIME decode again
  • Removed some debugging symbols
  • Fixed draft revive (again)
  • Fixed handling of pageup/pagedown keys in windows (hackish fix)
  • Unlimited message sizes now supported (32kiB is NOT enough for anybody)
  • Fixed a bug in the quoted printable decode that chopped some trailing characters

11/24/2002 ezimail-112402.tar.gz
  • Added RFC2045 attachment transmission (as octet-streams)
  • Added RFC2183 content-disposition headers
11/19/2002 ezimail-111902.tar.gz
  • Completed save as draft/revive as draft feature
  • Added save as file
  • Added save/decode MIME attachment
  • Added working base64/quoted-printable MIME decoding (internal code, no more mmencode)
  • Fixed crashes when resizing the window
  • Retries login on failed password
  • No longer allows double-mailing of already-sent documents
  • Fixed various problems where failed/aborted sends would prevent other socket operations
  • Clear keyboard buffer after bad keystrokes
  • Removed supurrious beeps
  • Fixed SMTP verify
  • Added artificial cheese flavor
7/27/2002 ezimail-072702.tar.gz
  • Fixed problems with Cc: parsing lines
  • Started a save-as-draft feature
  • Started a revive draft feature
  • Fixed vt100 detection on recent linux systems with X11
  • Added line wrapping when sending email
  • Always displays all parts of multipart messages instead of first part
  • Prompts user before deleting an IMAP folder and its contents
  • Added subject and sender to message window caption line
  • Added unix suspend/resume

Anonymous CVS pserver access is available with:

CVSROOT: :pserver:cvs@cvs.rabidpenguin.org:/usr/cvs
repository: ezimail
password: (blank)
Sometimes the pserver goes down. If this is the case, please email me and I'll make sure inetd starts it up again.

Below is a screenshot of ezmail-2 running on an Xterm:

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